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Everything You Need to Know About Nurse Managers

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Nursing Manager Job Description

CWF_Leaderstat_Ganzhorn_4-3469 (1)A nurse manager is responsible for the daily operations of a nursing unit and supervising the nursing personnel in a particular unit or department. The nurse manager/supervisor position is typically a managerial/administrative job, with limited hands-on clinical duties (there may be clinical responsibilities when the unit is short-staffed). Specifically, nurse manager job duties may include:

  • Recognize and assist in solving clinical and administrative problems
  • Supervise care delivery systems to ensure accuracy and consistency
  • Provide clinical expertise in medical, behavioral, and crisis management
  • Coordinate with the Unit Manager and/or Director of Nursing to accomplish facility and patient-care goals
  • Develop and implement nursing policies and procedures
  • Communicate with residents and families to address care-related concerns
  • Monitor patient medications, treatment, and therapies for quality assurance and compliance with local, state, and federal regulations

Nurse Manager Job Titles

Depending on the size and focus of the facility, nurse managers sometimes go by other names, such as:

• Interim Nurse Manager • RN Manager • Nurse Supervisor

Other job titles that require more hands-on clinical experience include:

• RN Supervisor
• Unit Manager • Charge Nurse

Nurse Manager Job Requirements


Minimally, nurse manager jobs require licensing as a registered nurse as well as previous experience. However, many have a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree, and most employers will give preference to candidates with a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree, and at least two years of managing experience.

Generally, candidates should be able to handle the physical demands of nursing (walking, bending, reaching, the ability to lift forty pounds, etc.), and have managerial and leadership skills and experience. Specifically, candidates must have a strong understanding of skilled nursing standards of care, and federal and state regulations including Medicare, Medicaid, and Managed Care reimbursement rules. Exceptional analytic and clinical skills are must-haves, including the ability to quickly and accurately assess residents’ conditions and needs.

Nurse manager job requirements include excellent written and oral communication skills, a high level of organization, and the ability to motivate and energize nursing staff in day-to-day operations and when implementing new programs or requirements. A professional and calm demeanor is needed to maintain morale in the unit, and to represent the unit to supervisors and the public.

Nurse Manager Resume Tips

Companies are now using applicant tracking system (ATS) software to screen resumes, meaning a resume must contain the right keywords to be chosen by the application’s algorithm. This means you have to provide enough information, focusing on relevant keywords specific to your profession, to make the first cut. 


Pack your resume with relevant specifics that showcase your skills and experience. Highlight areas and keywords you know will be of particular interest to the employer. Include a list of how you helped your current facility, your successes and how they were measured. 

Below are some examples of bullet points to include in a Nurse Manager resume:

  • Obtained and maintained 5 out of 5 Stars for the past 2 years
  • Deficiency-free survey for 2 years
  • Supervised a team of 56 employees
  • Achieved and maintained an average census of 98% over the past 12 months
  • Developed a fall program that dramatically reduced falls
  • Reduced readmission to the hospital by 15%
  • Implemented a staff appreciation program

Job Outlook for Nurse Managers

The outlook for nurse manager jobs is very good! Due to the aging baby boom population, The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts the need for senior health-care professional will significantly increase. In fact, BLS reports that “employment of medical and health services managers is projected to grow 20 percent from 2016 to 2026, much faster than the average for all occupations.”

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The annual salary ranges depending on geographic location and size of the facility. The average range is: $69,000-$91,000. Nurse managers/supervisors with an MSN and significant experience may earn a higher amount.


Job Hunter Resources

LeaderStat helps the nation’s top long-term care and senior living organizations fill nurse manager positions. We have suggestions on how to advance your career into the nurse manager/supervisor field, and our senior living industry recruiters can be an invaluable resource to help you find the right nurse manager job, including interim manager jobs.

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