Need Help Staffing Your Healthcare Facility? A Recruiting Firm Can Help

Job Vacancy Rates Skyrocket as Demand for Healthcare Rises

It probably isn’t a surprise to nursing home administrators, HR professionals, and directors of operations that the rising demand for healthcare is leading to soaring job vacancy rates. HR is routinely confronted with the challenge of filling interim vacancies due to sudden departures, the changing needs of the facility and the ongoing shortage of providers. The process of attracting, screening, hiring, and onboarding new staff, especially to fill a temporary need, is arduous and costly. Using a healthcare recruiting firm can help those doing the hiring avoid the drain on resources and keep facilities focused on patient care.

Why You Should Use a Healthcare Recruiting Firm

Reduced time to fill an opening and cost savings are the most obvious reasons for engaging help with recruiting, but let’s get into the specifics.

  • One reason nurses leave their jobs is overwork, and the cost of turnover falls in the range of $37,700 to $58,400. Recruiting organizations help you reduce burnout and turnover by avoiding staffing shortages.
  • If you have an unexpected leadership vacancy, a recruiting agency can quickly fill the post with an interim leader, allowing your HR team to spend time finding a permanent replacement. Recruiting firms can also provide permanent employees, relieving your organization of all recruiting activities.
  • Since recruiting firms have an existing pool of candidates, working with them gives you the agility to quickly respond to changes in demand. You can staff up or down and add specialty roles with minimal lead time.
  • When it comes to cost saving, we can start with the upfront costs associated with recruiting and hiring – ads, job fairs, screening, background checks, reference checks, etc. These costs will ultimately be baked into your cost for an interim placement, but since they are spread across all the recruits and not just yours, you’ll realize an economy of scale it would be hard to achieve on your own.
  • Your recruiter is acting in your best interest as an extension of your organization, which ensures the best-suited placements, fast assimilation, and avoidance of the indirect costs of making a poor hiring decision or leaving a position open.

Roles to Fill

When you work with a recruiting firm that focuses specifically on filling healthcare positions, they can provide interim leadership for facilities such as Directors of Nursing, Administrators and MDS Coordinators. Some recruiting firms also provide C-Suite and executive leadership as well as Travel Nurses and Providers.

If your skilled nursing facility, assisted living community, or healthcare organization is in need of a post-acute interim leader, a Provider or Travel Nurse, LeaderStat can help.

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