Leadership and Organizational Development

 The success of any healthcare organization relies heavily on having a strong leadership team that nurtures a thriving work culture, builds emotionally intelligent teams, and develops each team member’s unique talents to fulfill your mission and goals. LeaderStat’s consultants partner with you to define the culture of the organization and leadership team, uncover attributes of the current leadership team, deepen understanding of self and others, and determine development and hiring practices to further move the organization forward.
Leadership and Organizational Development engagements can be customized to best align with your company's goals and objectives but most often addresses the desire to:
  • Improve levels of engagement, loyalty, and commitment to the organization
  • Quickly build cohesion among the leadership team and improve communication
  • Increase the team’s ability to navigate change effectively
  • Increase retention and stability among the leadership team and among staff
  • Gain momentum in achieving clinical, operational, and financial goals

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